Our frameworks will help you get you the best value in the most sustainable way possible.

ICT Framework

EPC Framework

Who can use our Frameworks?

  • Schools
  • Academies
  • Academy Trusts
  • Local Authorities
  • NHS
  • Housing Associations
  • Emergency Services
  • Registered Charities

A full list of public sector bodies who can use our framework is available here

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a framework?

A framework is an FTS compliant procurement agreement established with a number of suppliers, based on a set of requirements provided by framework sponsors that are relevant to the public sector establishments the framework represents. It allows the public sector to choose a supplier without running a full tendering process, as the “tender” has already been run at the point at which the framework was implemented.

How do I know if the framework applies to me?

Our frameworks are valid for all schools, academy trusts and a wide range of public sector organisations (A full list is available here).

If your sector is not on the list, the framework could still be relevant as long as the list of requirements are the same.

What if the framework doesn't apply to me but I'd like to use a framework?

We may have another framework in place that applies to you or your sector, or there may be an opportunity to become a framework sponsor on a new framework. Please Contact Us for more information.

What are the benefits of using a framework?

A framework allows public sector establishments to bypass the lengthy, expensive process of tendering for new suppliers. It allows them to take advantage of low prices that are only available for a limited time and they can take advantage of further competitions where suppliers a vying for business.

For framework specific benefits, please see each framework’s webpage.

What is an OJEU or FTS procurement?

OJEU stands for the Official Journal of the European Union. Prior to the 31st of December 2020, this was the publication in which all tenders from the public sector that were valued above a certain financial threshold (according to EU legislation) should be published.

Since December 2020 all UK tenders are published on a government website called Find a Tender (FTS). More information is available here.

How much does it cost to use your frameworks?

Our frameworks are free for customers to use. We charge suppliers a small framework transaction fee depending on the framework and framework lots.

For more information see the framework’s webpage.