Climate Emergency Training for Academy Trust & School Leaders

Let us help you kick start your sustainability action planning

Our Climate Emergency training course has been designed, specifically for busy school leaders, it is accredited by the Carbon Literacy Project (CLP) and fully aligned with the new DfE ‘Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy’.

“The challenge of climate change is formidable. For children and young people to meet it with determination, and not with despair, we must offer them not just truth, but also hope. Learners need to know the truth about climate change – through knowledge-rich education. They must also be given the hope that they can be agents of change, through hands-on activity and, as they progress, through guidance and programmes allowing them to pursue a green career pathway in their chosen field.”

— Secretary of State for Education

Learners will be supported to identify practical steps and to get involved in their organisation’s sustainability & low carbon journey.

Who should attend?

  • Senior school and multi-academy trust leaders.
  • Senior school and multi-academy trust sustainability leaders.
  • Senior school and multi-academy trust operations team members e.g. Finance, Business and operations managers.

Reducing emissions relies on every single person in an organisation being aware of the carbon impacts of their choices, and feeling motivated and supported to take action. We aim to support learners in achieving their personal sustainability goals and to provide the knowledge and tools that will help accelerate the collective change in understanding and behaviour to meet the climate challenge across their organisations.

The course is accredited by the Carbon Literacy Project and consists of learning modules as follows:


  • 2 self-paced video-based online modules to be completed in your own time.
  • 1 final module run as a 3-hour online workshop, specific to schools, academies and academy trusts, which provides a practical guide and resources to help start Net Zero action planning, and includes examples, templates and links to useful resources and sources of specialist help.
  • 2 optional modules for faith schools and educators.

Carbon Literacy: “An awareness of the carbon dioxide costs and impacts of everyday activities, and the ability and motivation to reduce emissions, on an individual, community and organisational basis.”


Course Modules

On-boarding webinar

30 – 40 minutes 

Introduction to the course and instructions on how to complete the course.

Modules 1 & 2

Approximately 1 hour per unit

  • Module 1 Unit 1 Living in a greenhouse: An introduction to climate science.
  • Module 1 Unit 2 Alternative futures: An examination of the consequences of continued global warming.
  • Module 2 Unit 1 Climate change & the UK: Consideration of the position in the UK, impact & policy.
  • Module 2 Unit 2 A sustainable future: An introduction to mitigation strategies and climate change resilience.

Module 3 Unit 1: Net Zero background & context across UK schools & education

Approximately 1 hour

  • COP26 – Time for action
  • Ten lost years
  • Benefits of action
  • Monitor & report – The challenge for schools & trusts

Module 3 Unit 2: Leadership for zero carbon

Approximately 3 hour live webinar/face-to-face workshop

Consideration of the role of education leaders in driving change in their institutions and communities.

  • Webinar/workshop preparation (approximately 1 hour) including completing a simple personal carbon footprint
  • Webinar/workshop:
    • Introduction & context – 1.5ºc post COP26, barriers to change in schools, where to start and areas of influence as a school leader.
    • Developing a Net Zero pathway:
      • Action planning.
      • Behaviour change.
      • Target setting.
      • Scopes and reporting.
      • Procurement and sustainable operations.
    • Community outreach and influencing others.

Module 4 Unit 1: Teaching & Learning (Educators only)

Approximately 1 hour per unit

Engaging students, curriculum design and methodology.

An optional unit for faith schools and teachers of R.E. looking at the position of major faiths.

Module 4 Unit 2: Faith & R.E (Educators only)

Approximately 1 hour per unit

Engaging students, curriculum design and methodology. An optional unit for faith schools and teachers of R.E. looking at the position of major faiths.

Carbon Literacy Project (CLP) accreditation task

Approximately 30 minutes

  • Evidence based assessment
  • Appropriate personal pledges and Net Zero commitments


We run regular scheduled on-line courses every term, that we invite individuals and small groups from any school, academy or trust to join at a cost of £195 per delegate.

We also run bespoke and tailored courses for academy trusts or federations as a blend of online (Modules 1 & 2) finishing with a face-to-face interactive workshop (Module 3).

This course often also includes an element of strategy development and a practical action planning session in line with the DfE sustainability and climate change policy. Typically, costs will range from £90 to £150 per delegate so please contact us to discuss your requirements so we can provide a cost for your bespoke course.

To order training or find out more please contact us