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500% increases in energy costs means that it is more important than ever to have an energy buying strategy.

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The energy market is volatile, with prices, savings and offers constantly changing. As a commodity, energy is unusual as it doesn’t conform to the normal bulk purchasing drivers schools are used to in most other areas of procurement. Consequently, the traditional schools and public sector approach to competitive tendering is difficult to apply to energy procurement and achieving best value is notoriously difficult.

The public sector spends approximately £9 billion pounds per year on its energy provision. We use a unique e-auction platform to secure the most competitive market rates for our customers, and by providing informed and impartial advice, we have helped our education customers save hundreds of thousands of pounds by buying smarter.

When you buy is as important as how you buy!

Let us help you get the very best deal on your energy renewals.

“We have worked closely with enFrame to develop a buying strategy for our electricity and gas across all our 31 schools. The enFrame team are so knowledgeable and offer really easy to understand and impartial advice. Listening to their advice and buying our energy when the market prices have been at their cheapest has saved us money over the last three years.”

— Emily Vigor – Unity Schools Partnership

  • ZZero Carbon & 100% renewable

We will also help you source the most sustainable energy supply possible, and with renewable electric trading at approximately a third of the cost of fossil fuel-based electric this is a win-win. Our aim is to not only ensure you get the best prices but to also ensure you get the leanest and greenest energy supply contract on the market.

  • ZSocial Value

We have a strong focus on social value, improving the lives of our young people and fighting climate change.

  • ZCost

We may be able to save you money, help you reduce your energy consumption, or help you source clean energy.

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