ICT and Technology Framework

Lot 4: Servers and Storage

FTS: 2022/S 000-027921

This lot enables you to procure servers and network storage devices. Use this lot if you want to procure:

Servers, Storage and Backup Equipment

  • Server solutions, including hardware platforms, VM hosts, VM configuration, and security.
  • Storage solutions, including NAS, RAID, Blade, SAN, and cloud solutions.
  • Server hosting.
  • UPS provisions.
  • Backup solutions, including on-premise, off-premise, and cloud-based solutions.

Implementation and Configuration

  • Configuration, implementation and support for a range of on-premises or off-premises server solutions.

  • Audit, scoping, and surveying the existing provision.

  • Design, project management, programme management and user acceptance testing.

  • Single sign-on.

  • Mobile device management, and device building.

  • Network and server management.

  • Directory and data services.

  • Application hosting and delivery, and remote application delivery.

  • Monitoring and maintenance, including services for the remote monitoring and maintenance of servers and storage.

  • Web hosting.

  • User and group, and ID management.

  • Backup configuration and management.

  • Emergency restoration, disaster recovery and business continuity.

  • Documentation, handover, and training.

Migration Services

  • Data migration and consolidation, including migration from a physical server provision to a virtual server environment.

  • Cloud migration consultancy.

  • Cloud migration services, including the management and planning of the migration, and handover.

There are no sub-lots.

A further competition for Lot 4 would typically take between 1.5 – 4 months, depending on the size of your order and the complexity of your requirements.

Requirements gathering phase: Gathering requirements for bid documentation 1 – 3 weeks

Bid document creation: Drafting and approving further competition tender pack 1 – 3 weeks

ITT phase: Bidders respond to tender 1 – 3 weeks

Evaluation phase: Customer evaluates bid submissions 1 – 3 weeks

Stand-still period: Legally required 10-day pause before contract signing 10 calendar days

Contract signing: Signing the contract with the preferred bidder 1 – 3 weeks

There are templates for each lot and every scenario to make it easy for you to use our framework. Our comprehensive templates ensure that ITT (Invitation to Tender) documents can be completed with ease and to a consistent standard saving the customer and the supplier time and money.

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