How to use our framework

Step 1: Customer Engagement

Phone us or email us the completed Framework Access Agreement form.

Step 2: Requirements Gathering

We discuss and agree a timeline with you. You complete the easy-to-use templates or ask us for some IT consultancy assistance.

Step 3: ITT Stage

We publish your further competition ITT document pack to the relevant suppliers, and they submit their tender responses.

Step 4: Evaluation Stage

Using our templates and process, you review the bids, create a shortlist of suppliers, and invite short-listed suppliers to a face-to-face meeting (if required). You select the preferred bidder and use our templates to notify the suppliers.

Step 5: Standstill Stage

There is a 10-day legal stand-still period.

Step 6: Contract Signing & Service Commencement

You and the preferred bidder sign the contract and start planning the commencement of service.

For more information about our ICT framework or to use our framework