A new programme that helps UK schools reach their net-zero goals

enFrame is excited to announce that we have teamed up with the Green Schools Project to help schools implement and achieve their transition towards net zero.

This collaboration shall provide a programme that delivers support and guidance on the impact of climate change while demonstrating practical steps on how to reduce emissions and promote behavioural change. This fully-funded zero-carbon schools programme shall be available to all schools to apply from September 2021.

Here at enFrame, we believe strongly in encouraging both teacher and pupil involvement in the net-zero journey, by engaging and empowering children to be a part of programmes that take on environmental issues. Initiatives like these, especially when it involves children, can be incredibly powerful as they often result in inspiring change not only within the school but in the broader community as well.

The zero-carbon schools’ programme works towards providing much-needed funding and support for schools to reach net-zero and become greener, cleaner environments. The pilot programme has seen great results where pupils have been involved in encouraging their school to install solar panels, raising awareness on saving energy, reducing food waste and encouraging more low carbon and healthy dishes on the school menu.

This programme shall include, at an overview practical support for schools to help them reach their net-zero targets:

    • Plans and resources for a series of 30 pupils, the sessions shall be suitable for years 4-9;
    • A monthly online ‘how to’ session for teachers delivering the programme;
    • A buddy and peer support system; and
    • Support to calculate the school’s carbon footprint.

There is also a premium programme that includes an assembly, a teacher training session, an introductory call with key staff, and support calls each term for any schools that are interested in and have the budget available for this.

If you are interested, please contact Beth Newman on [email protected] and she will send an information sheet and school agreement.