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To allow us to deliver best value procurement services to the public sector, we have established national public procurement frameworksdesigned so that your public sector organisation doesn’t have to run a full tendering process for each new supply contract, saving you considerable time and money.

Our frameworks are:

  • Easy to use – removing any unnecessary complexity
  • Easy to access – using the innovative cloud-based technologies wherever possible
  • Easy to understand – adhering to the recognised
  • Uniquely flexible – with a mix of price and best value criteria, ensuring we embrace the Social Value requirements of each customer

Why start with energy?

The UK Public Sector spends approximately £9 billion pounds per year on its energy provision. Since the energy market has been deregulated, it has moved quickly and has seen a dramatic increase in the number of new suppliers with innovative products and services, whilst energy markets have become increasingly complex: more players, more products, more legislation, and more carbon taxes.

A high percentage of public sector energy contracts are procured by outsourcing to selected Public Sector Buying Organisations (PBO), who have established OJEU frameworks typically with a single supplier. These frameworks do not use an e-auction platform, which means it is difficult to determine whether the best value has truly been achieved.

Some PBO’s were established as early as 1990, at the very start of energy market deregulation. Many public sector buyers have never procured energy independently or away from their preferred PBO and as a consequence do not always purchase at best value or as flexible as the market opportunity now presents.

As a public sector body, if you want to change your energy supplier, your options are to use a Public Sector Buying Organisation or run your own competitive procurement process, which can be costly and time-consuming, as you are likely to require a full OJEU (EU wide) procurement.

As energy is a very price-volatile commodity, many frameworks and procurements can only deliver out-of-date pricing and may tie the public sector body to a supplier who may not offer the best pricing or best value solution at the time of procurement whilst locking you into a contract for many years.

enFrame has a new and innovative approach to public sector energy procurement. We have created an OJEU framework that uses real-time reverse e-auction software to deliver a competitive tendering platform for the use of any public sector organisation. This unique technology platform will allow framework energy suppliers to bid at the same time and therefore will deliver the most competitive prices. We assist our customers in achieving the Most Economical and Advantageous Tender (MEAT), delivering considerable cost savings.

To enable public sectors to take advantage of these market changes, we launched our energy procurement framework for public sector bodies in November 2018.