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We understand that every Public Sector institution needs to comply with their own procurement policies, and with legislation to ensure that their procurements are legal, offer best value, and meet a wide range of criteria. enFrame has developed a unique proposition for Public Sector institutions to procure energy, by developing a framework with a Public Sector sponsor. Our framework is unique, as our mini-competition uses an e-auction process to ensure that pricing is as up to date as it can be and engages a wide range of suppliers in real time to get the best value proposition at that time.

As a Community Interest Company (CIC), we are also focused on ensuring that every procurement is driven by Social Value. We offer the option to procure not only on price, but also on Social Value criteria during the mini competition process, enabling each supplier to present a social value proposition linked to specific aims from the procuring institution.

This enables the procurement to directly address a range of CSR objectives for the institution. This is in addition to the Social Value agenda that the CIC inherently promotes. As a CIC, institutions that engage in our procurement process can take advantage of the fact that a significant proportion of our profit is asset locked, and thus can be allocated to relevant social value projects for each institution.