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Energy Framework Q&A2019-02-01T15:17:49+00:00
Does it cost me anything to use the framework?2019-02-01T10:32:05+00:00

No. The framework is free to use

How do I contact you?2019-01-18T10:40:18+00:00

Phone us on 01733 475530, email us at or complete the Contact Us form

What happens after we’ve contacted you?2019-01-18T10:40:18+00:00

One of our consultants will contact you to discuss the process in more detail and establish exactly what is required to utilise the framework. We will check that your requirements match the framework, gather all required information request some information from you, and let you know what happens next.

How many suppliers are on the energy framework?2019-02-01T10:33:08+00:00

We have 10 energy suppliers on the frameworkA list of suppliers is available here 

When will I see the results?2019-01-18T10:29:35+00:00

You will see the results the same day as the mini competition is run

When do I need to decide on supplier?2019-01-18T10:29:35+00:00

You need to decide on the supplier by 4pm on the day of the mini competition. If you are not able to do that, we can run the mini competition again at a later date

What if I am not happy with the result of the mini competition?2019-01-18T10:29:35+00:00

There is no commitment to sign a contract. You can always run the mini competition at no cost at a later date

Typically, what can I expect to save?2019-01-18T10:29:35+00:00

The amount you save depends on your existing bills, how many meters you have and the rates your existing supplier is charging. Our framework reliably delivers 5% savings versus other public buying organisation routes, but the best way to establish your specific potential for savings is to let us audit your existing contracts and provide a detailed savings report

Is it easy for me to renew?2019-01-18T10:40:18+00:00

Yes. Let us know when it is time to renew and we will run the mini competition again

Do I have flexibility to move suppliers?2019-01-18T10:40:18+00:00


Can my organisation benefit from the asset locked resources of enFrame as a CIC2019-01-18T10:40:18+00:00

Yes. We regularly review our distributable funds, and we have a process in place to consider proposals from public and third sector bodies to access these funds. Typically, we will sponsor, or part sponsor a defined project, including assisting in the delivery of that project. We will work with you to understand your proposals and help you to best articulate them for consideration under our review process.