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What is Framework?

A procurement framework provides public sector bodies with a more efficient way of procuring goods and services. Much of the hard work and expense of running a fully compliant procurement is taken up with due diligence, including financial checks on suppliers, certification and compliance, and regulatory information. With a framework, this work is completed once, and monitored over the duration of the framework. This enables other eligible public sector bodies to use the framework knowing that due diligence has already been completed, allowing them to quickly progress to the mini-competition stage. We can also demonstrate real value and saving from previous clients

The mini-competition usually only requires the assessment of the elements of the procurement which are unique to the public sector body running the competition (such as energy consumption, number of meters etc.) and competitively assesses supplier prices alongside any additional criteria such as Social Value or operational management that relates directly to the public sector body.

How do I know if the framework applies to me?

Our frameworks are valid for most public bodies. Contact Us for a full list of customers the framework pertains to.

If your sector is not on the list, the framework may still be relevant as long as your award criteria match the award criteria in the framework.

If the framework does not apply to you, there may be another existing framework that is relevant, or there may be an opportunity to become a Framework Sponsor on a new framework. Please Contact Us  for more information.