What is an OJEU procurement?2019-01-18T10:40:18+00:00

OJEU stands for the Official Journal of the European Union (previously called OJEC – the Official Journal of the European Community). This is the publication in which all tenders from the public sector which are valued above a certain financial threshold according to EU legislation, must be published. More information is available here: https://www.ojeu.eu

What is a framework?2019-02-01T10:47:51+00:00

A procurement framework provides public sector bodies with a more efficient way of procuring goods and services. Much of the hard work and expense of running a fully compliant procurement is taken up with due diligence, including financial checks on suppliers, certification and compliance, and regulatory information. With a framework, this work is completed once, and monitored over the duration of the framework. This enables other eligible public sector bodies to use the framework knowing that due diligence has already been completed, allowing them to quickly progress to the mini-competition stage. We can also demonstrate real value and saving from previous clients

The mini-competition usually only requires the assessment of the elements of the procurement which are unique to the public sector body running the competition (such as energy consumption, number of meters etc.) and competitively assesses supplier prices alongside any additional criteria such as Social Value or operational management that relates directly to the public sector body.

How do I know if the framework applies to me?2019-02-01T10:29:40+00:00

Each of our frameworks are valid for a number of public bodies. A full list customers the framework applies to is available. If your sector is not on the list, the framework may still be relevant as long as your award criteria match the award criteria in the framework. If the framework does not apply to you, we may have another framework in place that applies to your sector, or there may be an opportunity to become a Framework Sponsor on a new framework. Please Contact Us for more information.

What are the benefits of using a framework?2019-02-01T10:30:18+00:00
  • Our framework gives you access to real-time, highly competitive energy pricing by utilising the e-auction software, all within a fully compliant OJEU framework
  • We have already completed the formal OJEU process  so you don’t have to engage in a long and expensive procurement process saving you even more money
  • Through our partner, Beond, we also offer a full range of brokerage, consultancy, and energy management services
  • Most importantly, as a Community Interest Company, enFrame is underpinned by a very strong, government regulated Social Value objective that delivers benefits to our wider community through our asset lock and our wider corporate objectives. We may agree to fund a particular project or service in your local area or purchase additional capital equipment for you to further enhance the services you deliver that are particularly relevant to your own Social Value or CSR objectives
Does it cost me anything to use the framework?2019-02-01T10:32:05+00:00

No. The framework is free to use

How do I contact you?2019-01-18T10:40:18+00:00

Phone us on 01733 475530, email us at info@enframe.org.uk or complete the Contact Us form

What happens after we’ve contacted you?2019-01-18T10:40:18+00:00

One of our consultants will contact you to discuss the process in more detail and establish exactly what is required to utilise the framework. We will check that your requirements match the framework, gather all required information request some information from you, and let you know what happens next.

How many suppliers are on the energy framework?2019-02-01T10:33:08+00:00

We have 10 energy suppliers on the frameworkA list of suppliers is available here 

Is it easy for me to renew?2019-01-18T10:40:18+00:00

Yes. Let us know when it is time to renew and we will run the mini competition again

Do I have flexibility to move suppliers?2019-01-18T10:40:18+00:00


Can my organisation benefit from the asset locked resources of enFrame as a CIC2019-01-18T10:40:18+00:00

Yes. We regularly review our distributable funds, and we have a process in place to consider proposals from public and third sector bodies to access these funds. Typically, we will sponsor, or part sponsor a defined project, including assisting in the delivery of that project. We will work with you to understand your proposals and help you to best articulate them for consideration under our review process.

What is a CIC (Community Interest Company)?2019-01-18T10:51:01+00:00

Community Interest Companies (CICs) were first established in the UK in 2005. Since then they have grown considerably, both in number and in the diversity of the activities they undertake. The CIC legal structure supports a wide range of activities, they range from very small local projects to multi-million pound health services, covering all industry sectors and are located in every area of the UK.

CICs are limited companies which operate to provide a benefit to the community they serve. They are not strictly ‘not for profit’, and CICs can, and do, deliver returns to investors. However, the purpose of CIC is primarily one of community benefit rather than private profit. Whilst returns to investors are permitted, these must be balanced and reasonable, to encourage investment in the social enterprise sector whilst ensuring true community benefit is always at the heart of any CIC.

Excerpt taken from Community Interest Companies: Guidance Chapters – Introduction


What is the Plain English Campaign and Crystal Mark certification?2019-01-18T10:50:57+00:00

The Plain English Campaign has been running since 1979 and seeks to remove all jargon, gobbledygook and misleading public information from communication. Their belief is that everyone should have access to clear and concise information. More information is available here: http://www.plainenglish.co.uk