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enFrame are committed to establishing a framework for the provision of ICT as a service-based model, with or without capital investment, for public sector institutions. This framework will be free for customers to use and will include consultancy throughout the process and regular service reviews throughout the period of the contract.

We are in the process of bringing this framework to market and plan for the framework to be available for public sector organisations to use by October 2019.

In the public sector, ICT expenditure has historically been relatively ad-hoc and unpredictable and has relied on a mixture of large capital purchases and ongoing revenue services.

In recent years, technological developments, including a move towards centralisation and cloud services has meant that the traditional deployment of ICT has become less appropriate and has created an opportunity for ICT provision to be sustainable and funded in a regular and predictable way.

What will the framework Provide?

Our ICTaaS (ICT as a Service) framework aims to move as many components as possible from your overall ICT provision to a service-based model, allowing these components to be outsourced and paid for by regular service payments rather than as capital purchases. The extent to which individual components of the service are moved to this model depends entirely on your organisation’s specific circumstances, but typically most organisations would benefit heavily from migrating to an ICT service for WAN, infrastructure, servers and storage, applications, and management/support.

Currently, there are very limited methods for public sector organisations to successfully procure ICT as a service and usually this results in a full OJEU procurement being the only option. Our framework will enable you to design a bespoke service and procure it from a range of suppliers who have been competitively selected for their ability to deliver these services efficiently, effectively, and reliably.

How will the framework operate?

Procuring an ICT service can be complex and often requires specialist advisory services, which can be expensive. As part of our framework, one of our ICT specialists will work with you free of charge to define and finalise your requirements. We will then run a further competition process to enable you to select the most appropriate supplier from our framework’s preselected suppliers. 

Following your selection of a supplier, we will continue to work with you over the period of the contract to help you to manage your supplier, conduct regular service reviews, and help to continually refine your ICT strategy and technological development to ensure that your ICT service is meeting the needs of your organisation.

Benefits of using a framework

  1. The further competition process in our framework will be much shorter than a traditional full OJEU procurement. All of the suppliers on our framework will be preselected using a fully compliant OJEU process and will be tested for their ability to deliver the services required. We will utilise a range of easy to use templates and pre-existing collateral to ensure that the process of defining your requirements is as efficient as possible.
  2. Our framework will be completely free for you to use. As a social enterprise, enFrame is not driven by a shareholder profit model, and we will use a supplier transaction fee to cover the costs of the framework. Most frameworks use a supplier transaction fee in this way, but our rates will be much lower than the average thus ensuring our suppliers prices are not over inflated to compensate for this.
  3. Our ICTaaS framework is unique as a method of procuring ICT services. You will still be able to procure capital items within your further competition to ensure that your specific requirements can be met.
  4. Unlike other frameworks, we will continue to work with you after the commencement of your service and for the duration of the contract to ensure that the supplier is performing and to further develop your ICT strategy.
  5. enFrame, as a community interest company, is a social enterprise, and the majority of our surpluses will be transferred into a social investment fund. All users of our frameworks can apply for access to this social investment fund to fund a range of projects and/or services.
  6. Within our team, we have many years’ experience in procuring ICT services for the public sector and you can utilise this experience to ensure that your requirements make the most of the technology available.

How can I use the framework?

We expect our framework to be live by October 2019. However, it is important to allow your organisation enough time to pre-plan and identify your requirements, and as such we would typically start the process a number of months before commencing the further competition. Most organisations start the process 6 months before going to competition. 

If you are interest in using our framework, we encourage you to get in touch with is now and one of our advisors will be happy to meet with you to discuss your requirements with no obligation.

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